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How to enter FC lottery?

Oversea FC members also can enter the FC lotteries for tours, concerts, events, etc.
What you need is your FC membership number, a trusted agent (family/friend/deputy) to make the payment for you in Japan and a Japan address (family's/friend's/deputy's address or your hotel address).

Step 1:

Email the FC directly (saveus@janne.co.jp) during the application period, saying that you are an overseas Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club member and want to join an FC lottery, quoting your name, your membership number and the lottery title (example: Acid Black Cherry Project 『Shangri-la』 2nd Season~北陸・甲信・東海tour~ Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club lottery). Try to make the email as simple as possible.

Make sure to include this information also:
・performance date(s) you request
・number of ticket(s) you request
・how to pay
(Please ask your family/friend/deputy their preferred choice of payment method. You can always contact me through my twitter regarding the payment methods list if you don't know because the methods can differ from one lottery to another lottery depending on the organizer. For the Acid Black Cherry Project 『Shangri-la』 tours, the payment methods can be found here.)

You can use this as the email subject: A.B.C.[insert tour name here] ファンクラブチケット先行予約受付 お問い合わせ

Email example:

To: saveus@janne.co.jp
Subject: A.B.C.関西・中国 tour ファンクラブチケット先行予約受付 お問い合わせ

Dear Save Us!

My name is XXXXXXXX. I am an overseas Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club member (membership number: XXXXXX). I want to enter Acid Black Cherry Project 『Shangri-la』 3rd Season~関西・中国 tour~ Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club lottery.

Below are my application details.

Performance dates: 24th December, 27th December
Number of tickets: 1 for 24th December, 2 for 27th December
How to pay: Seven Eleven


Step 2:

Wait for the FC to reply and then wait for the lottery result announcemet.

Step 3:

Lottery result.
The FC will contact you (and give you the payment details if you win).
If you win, go to the step 4.

Step 4:

Make the payment before the payment deadline.
If you are not in Japan during the payment period, ask your trusted agent to make the payment for you. Please give or forward the payment details to your trusted agent.
If you do not have any family or friend in Japan to do it for you, you can use a deputy agent or shopping service.

If you never use any deputy agent before, I may suggest one of these...
http://www.bridge.jpn.com (My fav!)
http://kairai1414.livejournal.com/ (kairai1414@yahoo.co.jp)

Step 5:

Email the FC a Japan-based address no later than one month before the performance date.

If you use Bridge/Kairai/JCT as your deputy service in step 4, you can email the FC your hotel address.
If your family/friend made the payment for you but you don't want to use their address, then you can use your hotel address as well.

For other deputy services, you can contact them yourself on how to do this.


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